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Dee Lawlor, MSc

My educational background is in biology and microscopy. I have a BSc (hons) Zoology and MSc Microscopy and Image Analysis. I currently live in Aberdeen, Scotland.

My writing career started back in 2016 when I started writing articles for a number of different science magazines. My work is aimed at a wide variety of audiences, covers a broad range of topics, and is styled for the enjoyment of everyone – scientists and non-scientists alike.

My first book, Introduction to Light Microscopy: Tips and Tricks for Beginners was published by Springer International in 2019. My second books, Contagious Enemies: First-hand Accounts from the Aberdeen Witch Trials, was self-published in 2023.

Currently, I work as an editor for News Mag Media, Ireland’s award-winning childrens magazine. My freelance work also includes feature writing, custom articles and website content for a range of clients.

One of my goals in life is to know something about everything, and science writing is a great way to do this. You are always learning about something new!


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